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Deepak Tandon

A decade ago, Deepak Tandon, aka Mac Robinson, envisioned “NextUpgrad” as a response to the pitfalls of customer experience in the US IT market. Starting his journey in 2010, he witnessed the industry’s shortcomings firsthand. Fueled by a commitment to elevate expectations, Deepak turned his dream into reality. In just 3+ years, he nurtured “NextUpgrad” from a team of 3 to a family of 100+, treating it like his own child.

Today, “NextUpgrad” is more than a tech solution provider—it’s a guide for businesses. Beyond crafting digital presences, the company is a beacon for effective marketing strategies, ensuring clients not only thrive online but see a surge in sales. The story of “NextUpgrad” is one of resilience, growth, and a commitment to transforming challenges into opportunities.

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Our Integrity

NextUpgrad boasts a robust presence in the US market, recognized for its unwavering integrity and exemplary work ethics. As a result, it stands out as a reliable, promising, and unique brand—an ideal long-term technology partner.

Customer-Centric Philosophy

We always place the customer at the core of business decisions and operations that form the foundation for their growth.

Customer-Centric Philosophy
Unparalleled Customer Experience

Unparalleled Customer Experience

Proactively addressing customer needs, actively listening to concerns, and providing solutions define our commitment to exceptional customer experiences.

Driving Innovation and Adaptability

Staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we consistently explore new ideas and technologies to handle projects with innovation and adaptability.

Driving Innovation and Adaptability
Executing Agile Development

Executing Agile Development

Embracing agile methodologies enhances collaboration, flexibility, and responsiveness to change in our project execution.

Unprecedented client Satisfaction

Our 24×7 real-time communication system ensures prompt responses to customer inquiries through various channels, reinforcing our commitment to unparalleled client satisfaction.

Unprecedented client Satisfaction


We’ve achieved a lot because we’ve worked really hard and stayed committed to being excellent. Our accomplishments show how dedicated we are to doing our best.

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